SMYTYPEis a cheeky alliteration forIT’SMY TYPE





Our mission drives us to do everything possible to expand every child’screative potential & happiness.We do that by carefully selecting very high quality stationery, school supplies and gift items, and by making our products more affordable than anybody else out there.

High Quality Products:

We carefully select, design and source high quality stationery, school supplies and gift items,which meet all standards and that are in vogue. Our products inspire creativity and allow children to unlock their creative potential.

We understand that children are sometimes cheeky and demanding. Out of sheer love,Parents’ often give in to such demands but our market research revealed a striking aspect about affordability. We found that there’s a low pricing for inferior goods in some outlets and then there is an absolutely premium pricing for the seemingly quality stationary, gift items etc at other places such as x & y.

Considering this, we price our products carefully which means good quality products are affordable for parents all the time.

Our Give Commitment:

We also understand that due to difficult life circumstances, not all parents can get what they would like for their children, which is the reason why we are reaching out to such families through our Give & community programmes.

We will be sharing these beautiful moments with you through our Site.

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