How do I sign up to become a fundraiser?

Go to enter the details of your school, organisation or group. Once submitted, your group will become active as a fundraiser and can start earning commission.

What do we earn for our Group?

All sales of regular priced items earn 10% commission.

How long does our fundraiser last?

As long as you need! Our online option allows you to run your fundraiser for the whole year and carry it forward to following years if you want to make the most of your earnings.

Can all products on the website earn commission?

Yes! All products across the Smytype range earn commission.

How do we receive commissions?

When fundraisers reach the minimum threshold of $50, they can request a payout. Commission is paid directly into a bank account or via PayPal to an approved account for that school, group or charity. Requests must be made by the fundraiser and will be paid 2 weeks after the month following the request.

If a customer doesn’t use our code, can you add the commission in later?

No, unfortunately commission cannot be added retrospectively to a fundraiser once the transaction has been made. That’s why it is vital that you include your fundraiser code in all communications.

If we don’t have enough money for a payout, what happens?

Since the fundraiser is designed to be ongoing, you may wish to keep actively promoting your fundraiser to earn more commission. If you do want to end the fundraiser and the commission amount is under the threshold for payout, we can offer you a Smytype gift voucher(s) to the value of that final commission amount.

What is the fundraising code and how does it work?

A code is generated from your group name. It can be a shortened version of the name, or the initials of your group. It will be all in capitals with no spaces in between. For example, EastWestSecondary School could be EWSS.

This code must be entered into the Fundraising Code box on all purchases to ensure your fundraiser earns commission on that purchase.

How do we close down an account?

Accounts can be closed by contacting us at commissions over $50 can be paid out to an approved account; if under $50 gift vouchers will be issued to the value of the commission balance.

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